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"Have you not seen that the one who exalts himself with falsehood wishes to give victory to everything he says, even if it is wrong."

- Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullah) [Majmoo Al-Fatawaa’ 10/292] (via pearlsofislam)

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Huracan x Range Rover

Bimmer & Benz | © | via NoahSecchi

Mercedes-Benz S 550

By Lawntech Photography

Tiger in a tree - by: Jim Davidson


Chevy Camaro | JustPhamous


Like I’ve stated countless times before: police brutality and violence is nothing new to the unarmed black american.
It’s been happening ever since the original American police force; the “slave patrol” was established to capture runaway slaves and keep the free black people from revolting. I don’t give a fuck about the “good cops” because they aren’t doing a damn thing to stop this terror, they’re benefiting from it.

More people are becoming aware of it now because of the use of social media. Without social media very few of us would be educated about what’s happening to black America.

We should NEVER get used to racist violent acts against black people. NEVER. I never want to wake up and see another one of my people was wrongfully attacked and go “well, I’m not surprised. This always happens”.
I REFUSE, Black lives have value. We are human; we deserve respect and the privilege to have opportunities as much as the next white person.

It’s even heartbreaking that I have to type this out. For all the black people out there who believe white people have the right to their “opinions” look at what their opinions are doing to all of us, yes.. I said ALL of us, you included. For all the black men who don’t see value in black women you are just perpetuating the exact same racist animosity they have towards you.


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